Bits and pieces from the Lakeview Cabin sequel

Bits and pieces from the Lakeview Cabin sequel


bubblyoasis asked: Is there a particular game engine you like to use for creating games, or do you enjoy creating your own code from scratch?

I use Stencyl to make my games. Great software for someone with no programming experience :)

Poster for my upcoming horror game Lakeview Cabin.

Poster for my upcoming horror game Lakeview Cabin.

Hallucivian “post-mortem” and other stuff about my games.

Ludum Dare 27 was my second time participating in the event. 48 hours spent on a game and I couldn’t be more happy with the result! Hallucivian is my tribute to Lunar Lander, pinball machines and psychedelic art


You can check the competition page here!

Before the competition, I felt like I had been on a bit of a hiatus from making games. I have been slowly developing a slasher inspired horror game, Lakeview Cabin, but I felt like I was in no hurry with it. Then I was contacted by the very nice gentleman John Gavin Polson to showcase my game on the Screenshot Daily feature. This was a huge motivational boost for me as I managed to gain a lot more Twitter followers and random people started messaging me about the game. I felt so good about making games and Ludum Dare came in a perfect time.

I was really excited and motivated to make games and I had a head full of ideas when the competition started. Hallucivian was an idea I had been thinking about before and it fit perfectly in the 10 seconds theme. The whole development came so effortlessly this time, and the feedback has been really great. I feel that I managed to make a solid game. I of course wish I had made some of the levels a bit easier and thought about the resolution before submitting it, but all in all, I think it is a good effort for 48 hours.

And this is exactly what I think is so great about Ludum Dare. It feels really great to get a game done and get some constructive criticism about it. Many people (including me) need a deadline to get stuff done and Ludum Dare is a godsend. It has been so inspiring to see what other people made in the same two days as me and I’ve been completely hooked on playing and rating other peoples games.

Getting feedback from my game made me want to talk about another thing also: I feel really privileged to have my games showcased on various sites and I really cant express my gratitude towards the people who write on these sites. It has been amazing to watch “Let’s plays” on Youtube with my games on them or seeing them featured or reviewed on a site. It feels so good and humbling to be part of this scene.

Now back to developing Lakeview Cabin, which will feature full-frontal male nudity, projectile vomiting, violence and sex! And it’s all thanks to you! <3


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Quantum Corps - a little bit of info

Quantum Corps is sort of a palette cleanser for me. I wanted to make something fast and simple after Barbarium, and this is what came out of my womb this time. I was really inspired by the new Dredd movie, and also by Escape from New York and other scifi classics. I also just wanted to make a game where you can shoot 40 rounds to a punk that just keeps standing and shaking there until you release the trigger. Just like in any good 80’s action movie. :)

The game is very high score centric, has a simple control scheme, and features 30 levels of fast paced action. It took me a month to develop and I managed to get a sponsorship from none other than Newgrounds itself. Being a huge fan of the guys in charge of the site, this tingles my anus in a great way.

I hope you like it.image


BARBARIUM screenshots